Putting in a good word for the Newsboys…

newsboys in roanoke, va Posted by Picasa

Here’s a pic of one of the most consistent, most Christ-centered worship bands around these days. Many folks I know who are concerned about serious discipleship as followers of Christ are also greatly concerned with the predominantly me-centered lyrics of the majority of the worship music being written today in the contemporary scene. Each time I am exposed to the Newsboys, I’m struck by the depth (not even necessarily the lyrics from show to show) of commitment to Christ and to the church the Newsboys carry.

At the concert last Thursday, the lead singer of Newsboys, Peter Furler, spoke very transparently with gathered pastors and youth pastors about how the band has struggled to maintain consistency in seeking vision and impacting the world. I was struck by this comment (paraphrasing), “Just over a year or so ago, we struggled in the band with what we were really accomplishing in the long-term for the kingdom; so we got together and as we prayed, we really caught a vision for how we can minister not for the sake of entertainment, but for the ultimate goal of 1)focusing our worship on God instead of ourselves, and 2)building God’s church. Because when it comes down to it, events and concerts are nice, but following Christ is a daily commitment, and we want to link up with each person doing that work.”

I think that’s a tremendous vision; and gives a strong picture that the members of Newsboys aren’t focused on the success of their group, but on worshiping God (*cough, hear that Third Day?*). I hope other groups see them setting the pace and link up with that vision.


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